Most trusted water damage and flood restoration emergency services

in Denver


“We had a leak in the basement last week and we only noticed it two days later when the carpet was all wet and it started to smell really bad. They sent a guy that came within 20 minutes to asses the damage, he was very nice and professional, I honestly thought it would cost me much more but he brought the crew and they took care of everything and replaced the carpet. Amazing service and very fair people.”

     Jenn D.


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Most trusted emergency water damage and flood restoration services in Denver


“We had a leak in the basement last week and we only noticed it two days later when the carpet was all wet and it started to smell really bad. The guy came within 20 minutes to asses the damage with his crew , I honestly thought it would cost me much more. Amazing service and very fair company.”   Jenn D.

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Water damage restoration services

Water damage can happen to anyone. Whether you’ve experienced a roof leak, fire sprinkler damage, flooding, septic overflow or a plumbing accident, there’s only one name to trust when there’s water everywhere – A1 SteamWay.

Our experienced professionals are trained by the IICRC for the industry’s leading techniques in damage mitigation and complete restoration for a variety of environmental damages including Water, Mold and Fire. And our trucks are always on call for your convenience, since damage doesn’t just wait for business hours.

That’s right, you can call our office anytime, from anywhere in Denver for water damage repair & flood restoration and we’ll be there to help you with an average response time of 30 MINUTES OR LESS!

As you shop, keep in mind the more quickly water removal begins, the less damage your property will experience and the less costly your repair will be. Choose a locally owned Castle Rock business with the best experience and skills for your repair. Don’t trust large corporate franchises or companies that rely on subcontracted labor. Not only do they take profits out of our community, they often employ laborers that are not insured nor licensed. If they claim to be hurt while working on your property, you may end up with a lot bigger bill that the repairs you requested!

At A1 SteamWay, all our employees are company hired and extensively trained before arriving on site. They are individually as well as company insured, licensed and bonded.

Enjoy the peace of mind that having best in the business professionals at your home or business provides. Call us for help with all your water damage needs today!

Services for all sorts of water, mold and biological damage that you may experience. From small leaks and minor mold to all out flood extraction and crime scene cleanup, the experts at A1 SteamWay have a tested and proven solution to take your property from crisis to its nicest! Let us help you with all your remediation needs:

  • Plumbing leaks, backup
  • Septic backflow
  • Floods
  • Fire Spinkler Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Mold Contamination


  • Deep Cleaning
  • Commercial Services

Flooded basement and Wet carpet

Flooded basement is an unfortunate event that many home owners have to deal with, it destroys he carpets, furniture and causes mold.

What most people are not aware that many water damages that are causes by a flooded basement can be prevented. For that we need to examine some causes for water in the basement:

  1. Surface water running down foundation walls
  2. Groundwater in water-saturated soils being pushed into the basement by hydrostatic pressure
  3. Storm sewer water backing up into the foundation drain causing a leak into the basement.
  4. Clog in the home sewer line or the municipal sewer line.
Make sure you advise with a local professional to prevent your basement from getting flooded.


We Manage All Aspects Of Water Damage Restoration

Our skilled Water Damage Restoration Technicians are experienced in managing all sorts of water and flood damage to your home or business. An outline of the ten step water and flood damage restoration process we follow is detailed below, so that you know what to expect when you engage our water damage restoration services.

      1. Water Damage Assessment  – The first step is always to assess the damage and use our tools and monitors to map out the extent of the damage.
      2. Define Scope Of Works –  We strategize a plan to extract the water, dry, clean and restore the damage. It will be required to address the specific water damage or flood damage that has affected each client. We can provide detailed water and flood damage assessment and can provide restoration outlines to your insurance company to support any claims. At this stage we can provide fairly accurate outlines of estimated costs and the time required for the restoration.
      3. Water Extraction –  We use specialised water extraction vacuum equipment and vacuum presser to minimize the maximum amount of standing water possible.  By removing excess water we can significantly reduce secondary damage and positively affect the amount of drying time needed to bring the building and its contents to an equilibrium moisture content.
      4. Controlling Bacteria Contamination, Water Damage Odour and Control Of Air Quality –  We use environmentally friendly antimicrobial treatment to sanitise, control and reduce the spread of bacteria to water damaged and adjoining surfaces, protecting against secondary problems of mold and mildew. We use Air Filtration Devices to reduce discomfort from reduced air quality.
      5. Wet Surface Drying –  We manage airflow, temperature and humidity using specialised Air Movers and Dehumidifiers and other equipment required for  water damage. Controlling each of the required stages we are able to dry wet carpets, water damaged and other building materials such as timber and concrete in the most cost efficient manager.
      6. Drying Of Structural and Commercial Materials –  Advanced drying systems are used to dry walls, beams, joists and other structures that require industrial strength drying and can not be effectively dried by standard Air Movers.
      7. Content Protection and Restoration –  Before we start the water extraction process we move all furniture and other valuable items from the vicinity of the water damage, in order to minimise the damage. Where this is not possible we elevate furniture and valuables to minimise water absorption and damage. We can evaluate the effect of water damage on content and can organise for restoration where content is salvageable.  This includes cleaning of upholstery, carpet colour repair, steam cleaning dried carpet, repair of water damaged art work and the like. Where we deem water damaged carpets and wet underlay  to be unsalvageable we can organise to remove water damaged carpet and can professionally replace the carpets.
      8. Structural Restoration –   Our certified Water Damage Restoration Technicians are skilled to manage restoration programs end to end. From demolition work, through to the removal and relaying of floor boards. We can organise for structures to be rebuilt, replastering and painting.  We repair water damaged roofs and ceilings and provide solutions for water ingress issues. We have a network of professional trades that understand water damage and how to best manage repair or constriction.
      9. Monitoring –  We monitor the restoration program from drying right through to cleaning, repairs, rebuild and handover, and make alterations as required according to our findings on each monitoring visit.  We keep our clients informed on our progress and report any issues upfront with a detailed plan on how these will be managed.
      10. Reporting –  We are able to provide final report of work taken. This report will assist you with insurance claims and and a smoother settlement process.

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